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It was a pretty good year considering the crazy warm weather we had, never freezing at night, and a lot of night action and bucks working under heavy cover. It was quit ironic when you have a hunter from AZ. and he evens complains about it being to warm. We had one wounded, knocked right down in muzzle loader and never were able to track it down, and one wounded in muzzle loader and recovered the next week, so we brought home the rack and sent it to the hunter. others saw bucks but not good enough for them, or just couldn't get a shot that they were comfortable with, because of the deer staying in the cover. I don't know why Mr. Obama is so bent on changing the climate, I was happy with how it was, but the warm late fall sure didn't help the deer hunters any. It did how ever make it a easy fall and I hope winter for the deer herd Keep watching as I may find time to update the blog regards Dave Olson