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The 2014 Hunt

January 16, 2015 by

I jus trealized that i am far too busy!! This is the first chance i have had to post pictures and up date on the website!! I am scared to retire, as i hear it gets worse!!


Any ways it was a great hunting season, with some creat clients, who all saw deer, but not all of them harvested, The story of just not quite what i wanted, and two unfortunate non fatal wounded. Deer action was good right through muzzle and rifle.


This year was the resurection of the archery hunter. It has been a few years since we did any. Even the first one i did in the first week of sept. we saw lots of deer. after afew days of hunting scouting, we located one that the hunter went after, but just could never get close enough to him  Things from bears in the way to elk spotiing him and blowing cover to wind changes. but it was great fun. the mid sept hunt ended with and arrow in the shoulder bone when the animal turned. and the Oct hunt was an arrow that deflected on some shrubs, (not a perectshot but doable).Bad part about that one it was at a 160class deer.

It was a pleasure to guide everyone this year, and nice to see them coming back to enjoy it agian. I know i will (lord willing)and i am still guiding. Till then God Bless and keep your powder dry