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Harvest 2013

January 04, 2014 by

Well I finally got some time to add the pictures of 2013's deer harvest and to post a blog!!!

It wasn't a banner year for monster deer as all of the canadian prairies, esp. west of here (some areas of Sask lost 90%) had  a rough winter. It looked like this spring that things were not to bad, but the numbers of big (over 170) sightings were down and the ones our hunters saw lived the charmed life and a look was all they got. Generally though, there were good deer numbers and lots of what i would call nice deer , that would make shooters next year, seen by just about everyone. so the ones we took were in the smaller range this year. The guys were happy but we have definetly had better years. Sure wish i could have posted pictures of the one that Mike form MI had at 80 yd and  the one that John from NY had go by at lunch time (both on a saturday). or even caught up with Jared's or Ron's wounded, but no avail. Well thats hunting --you can do all the planing you can but there is always that unkown---thats what makes it sooooo much fun..


Untill next time good hunting everyone